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Intelligent Data Systems (IDS)


IDS Group deals with technologies, tools, models and techniques related to the Data Mining and Data Warehousing Systems. The main objective is the research in knowledge areas such as Adaptive Business Intelligence, Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Data Mining, Intelligent Data Analysis, Data Warehouse And OLAP.The research addresses real-time, online, distributed and complex problems, taking in account emergent issues as is the Web, eBusiness, multi-agent systems, grid and cloud computing, and considering various types of data.Special attention is given to the acquisition, archive, processing and diffusion of competitive/complex information, data mining and representation in order to support management, decision and planning tasks.Some global I&D proposes/lines can be identified:Automate the Knowledge Discovery from Database process in order to minimize the need of problem domain knowledge;Create Data Mining open source components to be used by the research community in advanced applications;Investigate new methods for data mining in distributed environments/problems;Design of Intelligent Decision Support Systems recurring to Multi-agent Systems and KDD approaches;Augment the existing Data Mining techniques in order to cover new types of problems;Novel BI approaches to solve new types of problems.


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Information Systems and Technologies in Organizations (ISTOrg)


The Research Programme is directed at:

(i) promoting and implementing research and development programs and projects in Information Systems and Information Technologies,

(ii) transferring knowledge to organizations

(iii) promoting advanced training.


Research and development performed by the group are based on interdisciplinary approaches and research methods originated in the social sciences and engineering, which are used to understand organizational contexts of IS/IT adoption and use, and to develop new tools for creating innovative or improved work practices.


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Software Engineering and Management Group (SEMAG)


SEMAG was founded in July of 2001 as a special interest group within the Dept. of Information Systems of Universidade do Minho.


Currently, SEMAG is a research group devoted to the advance of the state-of-the-art of software-based information systems, both on the engineering and management aspects of the following research tracks:

(i) Modeling approaches for analysis and design;

(ii) Business and location-enhanced database systems;

(iii) Metadata and ontologies for the semantic Web;

(iv) Process and project management life-cycles.


SEMAG conducts its research activities towards the methodological (requirements, analysis, design) and organizational (management, quality and standards) issues related with the software engineering discipline in the information systems application domain, and adopts the empirical and experimental research approaches.


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